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Granite countertops have become the new standard for any modern kitchen design or renovation, and with so many benefits it’s easy to see why more homeowners are choosing to update their kitchens with granite.

Countertops are an important factor to consider during any kitchen remodel or renovation. Since your countertops are going to be the majority of your functional space for cooking and preparation, you want to make sure you’re getting a surface that will remain useful for decades to come. In addition to utility, you also want to make sure that your new countertops are a beautiful focal point for your kitchen, since they will make up a large part of the visible space as well.

Granite countertops offer numerous benefits in the kitchen, here are some of our favorites:

Incredible Durability:

Granite is one of the toughest materials you can get when it comes to countertops, and when taken care of properly can last for a very long time. Granite’s durability doesn’t just ensure the longevity of your countertops, it also allows you to use them differently than you would a laminate, wood, or even metal countertop.

With granite countertops, you can place hot dishes, pots, pans, and utensils directly on the stone without risk of melting or damaging your counters. You’ll want to be careful to avoid sliding heavy pots and pans around on the surface to keep from scratching the finish, but you won’t need to worry about trivets or hot pads!

With proper care, your granite countertops should be resistant to scratches, dents, cracks, and nicks for years to come.

Easy Maintenance:

One of the best features of granite is the fact that it requires very little maintenance on your part. The main task involved with keeping your granite looking great is remembering to apply a fresh coat of sealant each year.

Applying sealant to your countertops retains their shine and makes them far more resistant to stains. Since granite is a porous material, if spills are left sitting on your counter, they can sink into the pores and become embedded in the counter. When this happens it’s nearly impossible to get that stain back out.

Sealing your countertops creates a barrier between the bare stone and the spill, giving you more time to clean up any messes before they become a permanent addition to your home.

Distinct Style:

The granite we use to create custom countertops is formed naturally in the earth’s crust, which means that no two slabs are alike! Each granite countertop we make is completely unique, even ones that are made with the same style of granite. The natural striations and distribution of colors in each slab make for a different individual look with each different piece of stone.

NEKA Slab Warehouse

This is why it’s always important to make sure you look at the exact slab that will be used in your kitchen to make sure you like the unique pattern that you’ll be getting.

These are just a few of the many benefits of having granite countertops installed in your home. The addition of beautiful natural stone can turn any kitchen renovation into a classy upgrade that will increase the property value of your home.

When it comes to different styles, colors, finishes, and custom shapes and sizes, NEKA Granite Marble Quartz is the best choice in Northern VA. Come visit our showroom to see our wide selection of granite and talk with an associate about what kind of granite would look best in your home.

Where Does your Granite Come From?

People have been using natural stone as a building material since the dawn of human history. Once used to erect massive temples, tombs, and monuments, it has become the material of choice for homeowners who want a unique touch of natural beauty in their home.

How is Granite Formed?

Natural granite comes in a stunning array of different colors and patterns, making it adaptable to any sort of style or design aesthetic. Granite is an igneous rock, which means it is formed when molten rock cools and solidifies. The colors we see in various granite slabs are a result of different minerals mixing in with the granite when it is still in its molten state.  As this mixture of minerals solidifies, different mineral densities and veins form the beautiful striations and patterns that are so highly sought after in today’s granite market. 

Where Does Granite Come From?

The granite slabs at NEKA Granite Marble Quartz have quite the journey before they reach our showroom. Granite, Marble, and other types of natural stone, are mined in huge quarries all over the world. The majority of natural stone is imported from Brazil, Italy, Spain, and China. Brazil is known for its granite quarries, while Italy produces a majority of marble and onyx.

The process of mining natural stone starts by cutting a large block of the desired material out of the quarry, making sure that it is solid throughout, without any cracks, fissures, or other imperfections. Even the slightest imperfections can cause problems down the road when the stone is cut into slabs and used for construction.

Detail of huge Thassos white marble quarry (mine) with grabber

Once the block has been removed, it is cut into slabs with gang saws. This cutting process can take up to 48 hours to complete. Once the slabs have been cut, they need to be covered with resin and cured in an oven. This resin coating fills any minor fissures or imperfections and seals the stone to make it ready for polishing or one of our other finish options.

After the slabs have been sealed and cured, they are shipped out to distributors like NEKA. When the slabs reach our warehouse, we inspect each one to make sure it is free of imperfections, we may do a quick polish and buff to make them really shine, and finally we photograph each slab to make it easy to show you all of the options when you come in to purchase a new countertop.

How Do We Turn Slabs into Finished Products?

Granite’s journey from quarry to countertop still has a few more steps after it reaches our warehouse as a slab. Obviously, each slab must be cut down to size for the project it is being used for, and in most cases refinished before sending it out for installation.

To cut our slabs down to size we use our specialized CNC (or Computer Numerical Control) routers and saws to make sure the slab is cut down to exact specifications. We utilize our CNC routers to add any special details to your countertop like a hole for a sink or other fixtures.

Once the slab is cut down to size, we use our automated multi-head edge processors to put your chosen edge on your new countertop with mechanical precision.

Finally, we apply your chosen finish to the stone to achieve the exact style you’re looking for. We have a wide variety of exclusive finishes that can help you personalize the look of your new countertop and fit it into your overall design scheme for your home.

After all that processing, your new granite countertop is ready for installation. Our highly trained crew of installation professionals make quick work of removing your old countertop and replacing it with your brand new granite countertop from NEKA Granite Marble Quartz.


Granite Countertops by NEKA

Granite countertops are a remarkable feat of human ingenuity when you take the time to look at the whole process involved in their creation. It’s pretty incredible to think that your new countertop was once underground halfway around the world, and here at NEKA we are proud to bring you these high quality building materials from across the globe.

Click here to see more about our fabrication techniques and be sure to check out our gallery of fabrication photos to see the various types of equipment that go into manufacturing our quality stone products.

If you’re working on renovating your home, chances are you have some plans for your bathrooms. Whether you’re redesigning your master or guest bathroom, it’s a perfect opportunity to create a relaxing retreat for your guests or yourself through the use of clean, minimal design. Most modern bathroom designs focus on eliminating clutter and using large swaths of color to create a soothing and inviting space.

One of the most striking features of modern bathroom design is the bold use of stone for countertops, flooring, or covering walls. Stone can add beautiful natural patterning, create bold straight lines or geometric shapes, and give surfaces a polished shine that will add an elegant shimmer to the room.  The only question now is what kind of stone should you use?

Here at NEKA Granite Marble Quartz, we recommend using one of our varieties of engineered quartz for your bathroom remodel. Why use quartz? For starters, it’s incredibly tough and can easily withstand daily use. Quartz is also completely nonporous, making it bacteria and stain resistant. Most other types of stone are porous, which allows any spilled substance to seep into the surface of the stone and cause a nasty spot that’s nearly impossible to get out. Quartz also comes in the widest variety of colors, allowing you to pick subtle tones that will blend in effortlessly, or a bold statement color if that’s more your style.

If you need another reason to use quartz, it is also one of the more eco-friendly stone choices. Quartz is one of the most common substances on earth, and many manufacturers of quartz, like CaesarStone and Cambria, are committed to using environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. CaesarStone offers a full line of quartz slabs that use up to 42% post-consumer recycled materials, while Cambria recycles 100% of the water it uses during manufacturing processes. If using eco-friendly and sustainable products is an important part of your renovation, quartz is a natural choice for your project.


Here are some of our favorite quartz options for a stylish modern bathroom remodel:

Tebas Black

Silestone’s Tebas Black quartz is the perfect choice for a bold modern bathroom. Chrome and white porcelain go hand in hand with this inky black reflective quartz. Tebas Black is perfect for adding some much needed contrast to an all-white bathroom. Modern minimalist design often leans towards a monochromatic color palette, making Tebas Black an easy choice if you’re looking to offset the porcelain of your sink, toilet, or bathtub.


Calacatta Gold

For bathrooms featuring cabinets made of dark wood, Silestone’s Calacatta Gold is a perfect choice. This beautiful quartz features light patterning to set it apart from the white porcelain fixtures of most bathrooms. Calacatta Gold is absolutely luxurious when paired with dark wood and brushed steel fixtures. If you’re going for a clean white design for your bathroom, think about using Calacatta Gold for your countertops, backsplash, or flooring.



If you’re not into the stark black and white bathrooms that are so common these days, you might look into an aesthetic that features more tan, beige, and brown tones. Bamboo quartz by Silestone is the perfect complement to an earthier aesthetic. The pebbly pattern of Bamboo quartz fits perfectly with natural color stone tiles and can help to break up wide swaths of flat color. Bamboo looks great with all types of cabinets, whether they are natural wood or painted. It also works with a variety of different hardware and fixtures.


These are just a few of the different varieties of quartz you can use for your bathroom renovation project. If you’re still not sure exactly what kind of aesthetic you’re looking for your bathroom, schedule an appointment to come talk to the friendly design specialists at NEKA Granite Marble Quartz. We’d be happy to take you through our showroom and help you choose the perfect quartz for your dream bathroom.